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The first time I realized photography as an art was in 1997 when I got Zenit E as a present. Now I can't think of anything better for learning photography basics. Zenit E was fully manual. It served for me more than 4 years when I understood that I won't get anywhere with last century equipment. So I bought Canon EOS 300 in 2002 which was expensive enough for my pocket at that time.

Capabilities of the new camera opened my eyes on how far photo equipment technology got in last 30 years. However I still hadn't learned anything about composition, colors, lights and trusted my intuition only. I enjoyed the technical progress and rare but increasing successful shots.

After 1,5 years of EOS 300 usage it was stolen from me. Throwing aside negative emotions I can say that it was another major turning point. I had a good chance to consider either to stay in beginner level or to make a major investment again and go deeper in photography. I decided to advance.

That was the moment I finished to wonder technological progress and started to look on photography seriously. I learned what films and lens to use to get the best. Composition and other major photo theory milestones improved my photographers intuition. I started to consider whether pressing shutter button does worth that. The days when I got prints from laboratory and asked myself "Why did I shoot this at all?" became past.

Gradually I found out that landscape and nature photography is my call.

I don't believe in compositionally successful pictures if technical quality is low (vice versa is even worse, of course :) ). What feelings can you get looking on perfect landscape in 10x15cm format? I prefer to look at 30x45cm print and up. And that is why it is possible to make high-quality large format prints almost from every picture which can be found in this site.

Today I am even trying to leave my camera in its bag if I do not see potentially good landscape or that technically it is impossible to take it at that moment. I think that this is the reason for my first success in some photo competitions.

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